Just Buy a Home With a Septic System? What You Need to Know About Septic Pumping and Septic Tank Repair in the Inland Empire


According to the US Census Bureau, more than 1/5th of US households use septic tank systems. In Southern California, many of these are simply a part of older homes that were built before the area began using public sewer lines, while other homeowners built off the city grid. Regardless, homeowners with septic systems will always rely in four primary services that revolve around owning a septic system:

When it comes to the best plumber offering septic tank pumping and all other related services, Easy Rooter has a reputation for serving the widest area in the Inland Empire, including desert communities, with licensed septic tech specialists who offer the best customer service experience in the plumbing industry.

This article is intended to educate new homeowners who just invested in a house with a septic system, giving them an understanding of this critical component of the home, along with tips on how they can protect the integrity of the septic system while knowing what type of maintenance services to regularly book with Easy Rooter.

Inland Empire Septic Tank Responsible Ownership

Location aside, it is important to have your septic tank regularly inspected. However, if your home is located in the Inland Empire where soil shifts happen more frequently than in other areas, regularly scheduled septic tank inspection services are all the more critical. The San Andreas fault line, one of the most active earthquake faults, runs right through the Inland Empire and rattled properties from Banning to Palm Springs, and from Ontario to Hemet, so be sure to contact our Easy Rooter team to come inspect your septic tank system and share our recommendations on how frequently your tank should be inspected to prevent any pending damage.

Septic Tank Inspections

Having routine septic tank inspections is a critical part of your home maintenance program. When you call our Easy Rooter septic tank experts, we will examine the existing state of your septic tank and recommend how often inspections should be performed. This will help you prevent large, costly problems from happening. In addition, any time there is an earthquake, it is recommended to have your septic tank inspected.

Septic Tank Repair

As things age, repairs are inevitable. Even routine inspections will sometimes uncover small repairs that need to be made to septic tanks to prevent larger ones from happening. When you partner with Easy Rooter for septic tank services, you can feel peace of mind because most septic tanks under our care only need a few minor repairs in a 30-year period. Some of the common repairs septic tank owners face who put off routine maintenance include the following:

  • Repair worn-down parts
  • Repair broken parts
  • Fix the aerobic system
  • Internal component replacement
  • Replace or upgrade pipes and lids
  • Repair or replace leach field
  • Replace or repair baffles
  • Replace or repair inlets
  • Fox punctures caused by tree roots
  • Replace pipes that burst or leaks due to shifting soil pressure

There are other problems that occur with septic tanks that can surface when they are not properly cared for; these are just some of the more common ones our team runs into.

Septic Tank Pumping

Septic tank pumping encompasses vacuuming out or removing the waste liquid, sludge, and floating solids that build up in the septic tank. If your septic tank is not routinely pumped, the tank’s holding capacity will be reduced, solids will build up, and they will reach the pipes that feed the drain field and cause a clog. This can then lead to black water backing up into the home where it can flood out from the toilet and drains creating a hazardous, toxic mess that threatens the health and wellness of your family.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends that the average septic tank should be pumped every three to five years. However, septic systems with pumps or mechanical components should be inspected by a licensed plumber specializing in septic tank services one every year.

Finally, keep in mind that septic tank pumping is completely different from septic tank cleaning. While septic tank pumping includes removing the liquid along with some floating solids or sludge, cleaning includes removing the compacted sludge at the bottom of the septic tank, along with all water.

Leach Field Services

Your septic tank drain field, also called a leach field, is a subsurface wastewater disposal accouterment that eliminates impurities and contaminants from the emerging liquid after the septic tank’s anaerobic digestion. If leach fields are not properly maintained harmful bacteria can enter the surrounding soil and wastewater runoff can foul your yard accompanied by revolting odors. Leach fields can malfunction when grease, cleaning chemicals, paint, some fats, and other complex substances are poured down drains. In addition, excessive water use can cause leach fields to have complications, as can placing heavy objects over the leach field, such as cars, other vehicles, construction equipment, or anything else that’s heavy.

Call Easy Rooter to Protect Your Inland Empire Septic Tank

Maintaining a septic tank so that it will provide decades of healthy functionality is not complicated; it simply requires that you include septic tank inspections as part of your routinely scheduled home maintenance activities. For more than a decade our family-owned and operated, fully licensed plumbing operation has been serving the Inland Empire, including all desert communities, with high-quality septic tank services, and specialty plumbing needs, and everything is performed with the ultimate customer service experience. Call (951) 535-7860 today to book your septic tank inspection!

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