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Your home’s sewer line is a critical component of ensuring a safe and healthy household, and when it encounters problems or breaks, the consequences can be devastating. Your home’s sewer line is a single pipe that expels all of your wastewater from inside the house to the sewer main, which is located under the street facing your home. This pipe is buried a few feet underground and runs through your front yard. When homeowners suspect there may be an issue with this critical component of the plumbing system, they will do a Google search for the best sewer line repair near me. Easy Rooter Plumbing, headquartered in  Banning CA, has a reputation for offering the best sewer line repair and cleaning services in Beaumont and the surrounding areas. We are family-owned and operated, and our team even goes as far as desert communities serving virtually all of Beaumont, Banning, and Palm Springs. If you suspect there may be an issue with your sewer line, call Easy Rooter Plumbing without delay to prevent further costly damage, and to get fast help when you need it.

Signs You Need Residential Sewer Line Repair

In short, sewer lines that are poorly maintained will experience a significantly shorter lifespan than a sewer line that is regularly inspected and cared for. As a general rule of thumb, sewer lines should be inspected annually, and after any significant earthquake, you should consult a  sewer line inspector at a reliable plumbing company to inspect the sewer line and make any repairs needed on the spot.  

Older homes are vulnerable to sewer line issues, require more repairs, and have greater  replacement needs. If left unattended, the costs to make the needed repairs can go up significantly. If you notice water leaks or experience frequent backups, calling for sewer line repairs and requesting a sewer camera inspection can prove to be extremely valuable in protecting the integrity of your home and keeping repair costs down to a  minimum.  

Remember, book annual sewer line inspections with Easy Rooter Plumbing, and gain peace of mind knowing that your home’s sewer line is in outstanding condition.  

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What are the Main Causes of Broken Sewer Lines?  

There is a broad range of common causes for experiencing a broken sewer line, and each has its best solution. Unfortunately, sewer lines are an element of a home that gets the least attention and maintenance. It’s not that homeowners are negligent, but rather because maintaining a  sewer line requires professional plumbing experts specializing in sewer line repairs and inspections. There are some homeowners out there who will even turn to YouTube to learn about sewer line repairs and maintenance, but their lack of experience and adequate tools can leave sewer lines even more damaged than before. This is why professionals are needed and annual phone calls are recommended. Here are some of the most common causes of damaged or broken sewer lines:  

  •  Root intrusion – When sewer lines are buried too close to trees, tree roots can grow out and penetrate sewer lines.  
  • Deterioration – Especially common in older homes, some plumbing pipes simply reach their lifespan and begin deteriorating. For example, if your home was built around the turn of the century (1890s to 1910), your plumbing pipes may be made of clay, which has about an 80 year lifespan.  
  • Pipe settlement – When the pipe settles in an area, back-pitch can take place. When the surrounding dirt settles, the pipe sinks, and a negative slope forms. This prevents waste water from going downhill. Over time, waste and grease will build up causing a blockage or even lead to a back pitched sewer.  
  • Poor sewer line installation – When a sewer line is not properly installed by a licensed professional done to code, the system has a greater chance of failing. Under typical conditions, sewer lines are installed using a ¼-inch slope per foot, and in difficult areas  (such as bedrock), city inspectors may permit ⅛-inch slope, but this is not ideal. There should also be materials used to prevent settlement, such as the placement of crushed stone under the run of the pipe.  
  • Pipe cracking or breaking – A variety of small issues that start out small, such as rust,  settlement, or root infiltration can lead to bigger issues like cracked pipes or broken sewer lines. 

When you search for sewer line repair near me, look no further than Easy Rooter Plumbing, as we have the advanced training to repair damaged sewer lines caused by the above triggers and many more.  

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Most Common Pipe Materials Encountered  When Repairing a Sewer Line

There are three or four main pipe materials used in sewer lines that include the following:  

  • PVC and ABS – These are plastic pipes that have exterior and interior smooth surfaces enabling wastewater to move more smoothly. The biggest advantage of this pipe material is that plastic does not rust and has a high water-carrying capacity. In addition,  the cost is much lower than other materials. However, the con is that PVC and ABS  sewer lines are more prone to breaking. However, having regular inspections will keep you safe.  
  • Clay – Clay sewer lines are the oldest type of pipes that have been used for hundreds of years. These pipes are baked in an industrial kiln. They are difficult to cut and clay sewer lines are resilient to degradation from chemicals. However, clay pipes have joints prone to becoming porous over time.  
  • Cast iron pipes – Cast iron sewer lines are non-flammable and are very strong, however, they easily rust and corrode over time. Cast iron joints are known for being very watertight and resistant to tree roots, but cast iron can be vulnerable when exposed to alkaline or acidic water.  

Easy Rooter Plumbing has more than a decade of experience in performing sewer line repair on all of the various pipe materials mentioned above.  

Traditional Sewer Line Replacement  

If the damaged sewer line is only a small section underneath the home or is within easily  accessible earth, replacing the section may be an ideal solution. Our Easy Rooter team can accurately pinpoint the exact location of damage with a quality sewer camera  inspection. We will provide an estimate to dig up the pipe and replace the broken section. Our  sewer line repair experts will often recommend traditional sewer line replacement when there is  no concrete to excavate, and this option usually makes the most sense for properties.  

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