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Pro Tips From the Best Septic Tank Repair Inland Empire Team: California Winter Maintenance for Your Septic System

When it comes to maintenance tips for your Inland Empire septic tank system, the advice given is going to greatly differ from the tips given to homeowners who deal with months of snow. In fact, winters in the Inland Empire are comparable to the early start of autumn on the east coast. That said, now is the perfect time to check your septic tank and call the best septic tank repair plumbers in the Inland Empire to perform an inspection and any needed repairs or preventative care to ensure your system remains in good order during the colder months (remember, some winters actually cause ground freeze in the inland Empire). Here is a septic tank maintenance to-do list for homeowners in the IE to follow.

Clean Up Around the Septic Tank Area

This is the time of year when leaves fall from trees, and winds blow dead organic debris around the yard. When raking leaves be sure to inspect around the septic tank to ensure that access points are clear from twice, leaves, and other matter. If twigs or other debris fall into the septic tank, the aerator or pump could be damaged. 

Have Your Septic Tank Inspected Before Traveling for the Holidays

December is the busiest travel month, as people are flying all over the country to spend the holiday with family and friends. If you travel every December, or you have a seasonal home that you go to this time of year, it’s best to have a professional Inland Empire septic tank repair company like Easy Rooter come and inspect your septic system to make sure everything is in order. The last thing you need is your drainfield leaking brown water into your lawn, or for some other disaster to occur while you are away. Having a professional, certified septic tank repair company inspect your system before you travel is part of being a responsible homeowner. 

Check Pipes, Septic Tank Risers and Lids

Take a look at your septic tank risers and lids, and note if there are any leaks. A septic tank riser is a pipe that’s usually made from plastic, concrete, or fiberglass that forms a vertical portal providing easy access for pumping and inspections that’s positioned at the ground’s surface. If you notice leaks, call for septic tank repairs at Easy Rooter without delay before you head off for the holidays

Consider Booking Regular Yearly Septic Tank Inspection Every December

Summer is a very busy time of the year. That said, the early part of December is an ideal time to book yearly septic tank inspections. Just be sure to book these appointments early enough so they don’t interfere with the days before your departure when you are busy packing and arranging for pet sitters. The arrival of December, or even right after Thanksgiving, can serve as a great reminder for scheduling your septic tank inspections. 

Make Arrangements for a Neighbor or Sitter to Monitor Your Septic Tank 

If, for whatever reason, you are unable to have a professional septic tank repair company inspect your septic system before you leave for the holidays, ask a trusted neighbor or the person sitting for your pets to keep an eye on your septic tank system. You can give them a list of things to check include faucets, pipes, and the septic tank location in your yard. Give them the number for Easy Rooter, and give them permission to come to inspect the septic tank if you notice debris stuck in the system, leaks, a bad smell, or standing water in the drain field. Easy Rooter can give you a call to make payment arrangements while you are away from home.

Examine the Septic Tank Location for Greener Grass

One sure sign that you need to call for septic tank repairs before you leave for the holidays is if the grass around the septic drain field is lusher and greener than the rest of your lawn. This is a sure sign that water is coming out of the septic system into your lawn, and this issue can’t be put off; call Easy Rooter without delay before the problem gets worse.

See if You can Detect a Bad Smell at the Site of Your Septic Tank

Before you leave for the holiday, go inspect the area where your septic tank is located and see if you can detect a bad smell. This odor will smell like a filthy amalgamation of oil, feces, cleaning fluids, and rotten and consumable items. If you detect this smell this will serve as a huge red flag and it indicates that you should call Easy Rooter without delay for fast septic tank repairs from our experienced Inland Empire team. 

Call Easy Rooter for Septic Tank Repairs and Inspections

Easy Rooter offers the best septic tank repairs Inland Empire cities have to offer, and we respond quickly to offer the highest quality repairs by a highly trained team that cares deeply about our community and all the families that make it great. Don’t leave your septic tank to chance while you are away; call (951) 535-7860 to set up a septic tank inspection and to make any repairs needed before much larger problems surface. 

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